I’m not a parent, but I can imagine how difficult it might be to broach the topic of sex with your child. Should you prevent it clinically, this is how babies are made? Should you go the route of the sex books and make sex something that only happens between happy, desire less, married couples, as Moore points out? Or depending on the age of the child, discuss how sex is something that should happen in a safe loving environment, with the proper protection?

Despite all these options, always presenting sex as something that happens between a man and a woman in a marriage with the ultimate goal of having children is not helpful, or realistic. Although this is what most children are taught, it’s not something that’s foolproof. There’s a reason why the states that only preach abstinence only education don’t see a reduction in teenage pregnancies or abortions. Because kids are going to have sex anyways, whether you teach it to them or not.

I went to a private Catholic school in high school, and in a public middle school before that. As far as health class goes, I remember discussing sex briefly, but it never being a huge topic of discussion. And when I was younger I had small talks on and off with my mom about sex, but there was never a big, embarrassing moment, where she told me the mechanics of the situation.

I’m hesitant to declare one great method for teaching kids about sex, because by talking to my friends and listening to others each person will form their own opinions from sex by all the resources available to them. Be it school, television, friends, family, or the Internet. It’s more important that we develop a dialogue with kids about what is and is not okay with sex, about respecting your partner’s boundaries, and always being safe.