While reading Anne Drapkin Lyerly’s “Shame, Gender, and Birth” it made me think about how I would want my birthing process to go if I decide to have children. This question made me want to ask my mother how she felt about her birthing experiences. Lyerly in her article talks about how technology can impact women’s experience when they are giving birth. Lyerly talks about how technology can increase the birthing process. Lyerly shows about her opposition of Barbara Rothman’s “medical model” that talks about how technology can cause women to have a loss of control and dissatisfaction with the birthing experience. I decided to ask my mother about the use of technology in the birthing process to see where she stands.

According to my mother she had experiences of the birthing process with and without technology. Although she still went to a hospital when giving birth to my brother she told me that by the time she made it to the hospital she was 10 cm dilated.  According to her my brother just popped out and she didn’t have any time for an epidural or any other source of pain medicine.  I on the other hand was the complicated one. She had an appointment to have me turned because I was upside down. Her physician realized she was going into labor when she was in the hospital and she had to have an immediate sea section. She explains that I was cut out and given right to her, which is why she felt she was not disconnected from the experience. She explains that she felt the mind/body connection for both of her birthing processes even with the use of technology.

While thinking about how I would go about my birthing process I think I would use technology. I agree with Lyerly that it can help reinforce the mind/body and maternal/fetal connection in pregnancy. Technology can be a helpful way to assist women thru their birthing process. This does make me wonder what other women think about the use of technology for the birthing process. How do women decide if they want a natural birth or to use technology?