This week’s readings draws on many different subjects, one being a very existential one pertaining to ‘where do we come from?’ I, surprisingly, don’t ever remember asking that question when i was younger. I somehow figured out a version of the ‘birds and the bees’ for myself, most likely through my friends at school and/or the media. But i never had the ‘talk’ with my parents. I do remember one distinct memory though from my childhood, when i was probably around the age of eight or so. My aunt from San Francisco came to visit our family one summer. During this time, my entire family would get together and have cook-outs and spend time at our family boat, enjoying our time together. My aunt had always brought a ‘friend’ with her when they would visit. This friend and her also had two children that they raised together, my cousins. It was not until i was eight that i realized there was something not ‘normal’ about this situation. After one particular time spent out at the boat with my aunt, i asked my mom about the situation and why they lived together and raised my cousins together in which she very awkwardly replied that they were very good friends. Thats the only response i was told and we never talked about it again until i finally came to the conclusion myself a few years later.

This example relates to Moore’s reading on the idea of a heteronormative society. The way our society is currently structured, limits many different individuals in many ways. An example Moore addresses is the way that children’s books are structured only to show how babies come to being through a heterosexual lenses. Of course, in biology a baby can only come to being from a male and a female, however, that is not the only way in which a family can form.

My aunt is the perfect example of how you can still form a very loving family, from a homosexual lenses. My aunt and her partner have two children. My aunt gave birth to their son with the help of a sperm donor, while my aunt’s partner gave birth to their daughter, through the help of the same sperm donor. So biologically, my two cousins have the same father, but different mothers. I went to visit my aunt in San Francisco when i was in ninth grade and stayed with them for three weeks. During this time, i saw the love and care in which their family had for one another. This family was perfect in my eyes because they all loved and supported one another in everything they did. What kind of a society (and who in our society) has the right to tell a person who they can and can not love and how they can and cannot decide to form a family? I hope one day to have a family like my aunt’s. We must move past these binaries in order to include everyone so we all can have the chance and freedom to have a family like my aunt’s.