So I just finished my taking of the IAT and my results were:

Your data suggest little or no association between Male and Female with Science and Liberal Arts.

I can now feel rest assured that I’m not engaging in any gender biases of such nature unconsciously (sarcasm). The response to the result that I’m not biased in what the test is trying to spot is somewhat strange/reassuring/pride-inducing.

I’ve actually taken the IAT before, but it was for a race bias.  While I feel sometimes these tests can provide some context for some of the issues they are trying to test for, I think the tests themselves have some problems themselves.  Because they rely on finely-tuned motor control, specific societies (Western) who require more developed motor control may have an unfair advantage in how quickly they respond to what they see.  Even the leisure in video games can increase your response times dramatically, as I’ve found another study recommending surgeons  take up videos games as a hobby in order to increase reaction time and refine motor skills of their digits.  Of course, why not combine the two together?  While there can be more to say about the methodology of the IAT (order effect, what implications you can draw from the results  (like the one I took at the start of my post), etc), I think there can be a place for the IAT in our larger examination of cultural perceptions surrounding gender, race, etc.

Finally, I want to give a quick shout out to the Occupy Wall Streeters in this interview from The Colbert Report, specifically for the use of “female-bodied person.” Righteous use of language with the person who used the phrase emphasized how her embodied experience as a female has shaped her understanding of her personhood.  Although Colbert reduces this to sexuality, it seemed very clear to me he was in perfect form of the character he.  He can do amazing interviews in this segment-style (see Elenor Holmes Norton).