I think the relationship that we have with our bodies is fascinating. And you don’t realize what a complex relationship with you have with your body until it betrays you. Getting sick and getting hurt are unfortunate situations in the first place, but to be put in them against your own will is incredibly frustrating. That’s where the betrayal part comes in- you want to find whatever little person inside your body is operating the controls and say “Hey buddy, what did I ever do to you?!”

Cahn’s post illustrates this well, just like all the readings from Monday did. Your body betrays you-now what? How are you going to handle the pain, the doctor’s visits, the medical bills, the stares from strangers?

I can’t speak from experience in this area. I am a healthy 21-year-old, with healthy family, healthy relatives (for the most part), and healthy friends. I am very, very lucky. Of course I have dealt with disabilities and illnesses and diseases in some form or another, but I have been very lucky again in that I have not yet had to experience it directly. As I type this, I knock on wood just to be safe.

So I wonder when it will happen. When will my body, or the body of a loved one, begin its act of betrayal? It’s bound to happen eventually, but the thought still terrifies me. But I have faith when I read declarations from Cahn “I am not my illness.” It gives me hope for myself and others that they will be able to overcome (in same form or another) what that person controlling their body is doing.