Matt Kailey’s article about Chaz Bono on TV reminded me of the uproar that has been going on since it was announced that Chaz would be on the cast of Dancing with the Stars. Kailey talks about the people who are offended that Chaz will be on DWTS. There are many concerned parents that don’t know what they will tell their children. This reminded me of a story I found on Fox news titled: Don’t let your kids watch Chaz Bono on Dancing with the Stars. The article claims vulnerable children don’t need to watch a crowd applaud for someone who is still searching for their identity. He believes that the tomboyish girls and the less masculine boy will see Chaz on TV and believe the answer to their problems is to change themselves completely. I some how don’t believe that is what children will be thinking.  Another story I found by Juju Chang called: Talking to your kids about Chaz Bono. She explains how when interviewing children, gender identity issues are actually easier for them to understand rather than adults. Children think if you are born inside a girl then on the outside you should be a girl too. That is why children watching DWTS won’t jump to the conclusion that they should have a sex change. Along with that, children will watch Chaz and see a boy and girl dancing together. To them there is nothing wrong with that. Matt Kailey’s article about Chaz Bono sums it up nicely. While watching DWTS children will see a boy and a girl dancing together, nothing too difficult for them to understand.

Chaz Bono on TV has brought up many issues that our society in uncomfortable dealing with. One of the many issues is the Chelsea Handler situation where she comments on Chaz Bono getting a penis has caused uproar with GLAAD who demanded an apology from her. Chaz has also caused controversy with parents afraid to let their children watch him on TV. I think this controversy can be a good thing for our society. Finally show that trans people do exist and start getting their issues talked about more.