Before the readings for today I had honestly not put much thought into the matter of “size”. You all know what I am talking about…

I had never thought to myself, or talked with other women for that matter, about “how filling”, “how satisfied”, or about how penises are different when it comes to different men. Being as outspoken as I am on most topics this is something that I am actually not that willing to speak about with even some of my closest friends. For the matter being is that my sex life is MY sex life.

However, when we were watching the film on the gentlemen getting the penis enlargement surgery I found myself mouth hanging widely open in what could be noted as terror. To see that particular woman, with such little tacked, comment on the lack of restraint that she felt when men in her life where endowed with small equipment was astonishing.

At first I was made to laugh at how brutal the woman was about the life in her men. Now however, I can only think about how shallow that woman really is. It really makes me sad to think that women are worried about the size of a penis that they would break off a relationship that could potentially be working out wonderfully, only to be with a man with a much larger piece of equipment.

This really made me think about what the other women in society around me talk about when it comes to relationships. Personally, I would rather be with someone who I can laugh and talk with than someone who will “fill the hole” to put it bluntly. I didn’t put much thought into other women and their opinion of size and how it effects relationships that they are in.

As Susan Bordo states, as culture develops humans provide the ideals that are to be normalized by society. As a society we have developed a mental image of what size really means and how that correlates to sexual relationships and satisfaction.

Being the curious woman that I am I called up one of my oldest friends, who just happens to be male, and started asking him questions about his junk. At first he didn’t really understand why I was asking such personal questions but after I explained that I was trying to wrap my mind about the issue of size-ism he was more than willing to talk. Our discussion went on for about 30 minutes and then I was pretty satisfied with the answers I had been given.

Much like the man on the film, my friend mentioned feeling pressured by the woman in society to “please women sexually by being large and in charge”. I had never thought that women could have such a strong impact on the male psyche. I found myself once again at a loss for words with more questions than answers. I have decided that I am going to watch the whole film about the penis enlargement surgery just to see if that can cast any light on this subject.