As I was reading Martha McCaughey and Sir Gabe’s article I kept thinking about my brother. Throughout high school he was a wrestler, which had made him obsessed about his body. Although he was never a compulsive bodybuilder he still had some of the same characteristics as a bodybuilder. He was obsessed with getting his muscles bigger. He would take body supplements to help him transform his body and spend his entire afternoon working out. Even though he tried to get his muscles as big as he could, he still did it for the love of the sport. I agree with McCaughey that bodybuilders are not trying to conform their gender but rather they experience discomfort with feminine characteristics. Most wrestlers experienced this. It was common for wrestlers to make fun of each other calling them a “bitch” and trying to make them feel feminine. To my brother, keeping himself in shape and growing his muscles was a way to avoid others thinking he might have feminine characteristics. Fast forward six years, my brother has been out of high school and done with wrestling. He now works in an office job that doesn’t involve much physical activity. I now see my brother experiencing fatphobia. Sir Gabe explained how men experience fatphobia because a fat man may have feminine characteristics such as their chest resembling breasts. My brother is not close to being fat what so ever but he is still obsessed with becoming fat. He has changed his obsession from growing muscles to gaining weight. He has lost the six-pack on his abs, which has been replaced by fat; his muscles are not as toned, and according to him his butt is getting bigger. Every time I see him I will find him checking himself out in the mirror trying to flex his abs to see if he can find the old six-pack. I completely agree with Sir Gabe that fat acceptance is for guys too. I have noticed this my whole life watching my brother struggle with his body conformity. I don’t know what his body will look like in the future but I am sure whatever it is, I will see him obsessing about it.