This class and blog has allowed me to really reflect on my thoughts and views on the subjects we have been discussing the past five weeks of this quarter. I am thankful for the time i have to set aside to reflect and write on this blog. Like my previous posts, most of my ideals on these subjects come from personal stories and experiences. As i grew up, i was never a ‘fat’ kid, I was very into sports and was always active. But once i started my period i gained some weight to which i referred to as my ‘new womanly body.’ I never really gave my weight too much of a thought and still to this day i don’t. I have come to know my body and come to be at a comfortable weight with myself. Of course there are things i wish i could ‘tone’ up, but for the most part i am happy with my weight. The only time i am not happy, is when i see media images, or hear things from the media or my peers that tell me i have to look a certain way or weigh a certain weight. Thats when i am told that i should not be happy with my current weight and that i should not eat that box of mac and cheese. However, i don’t think about my weight in that manner. It is hard to block out those multi-media messages because they are constantly telling you things, but i try my best.

From our class discussion on this week’s readings, Dr. Stokes outlined three potential causes of anorexia; biological factors, psychoanalytical factors, and social-cultural factors. Any of these could potentially be a cause of anorexia because i really think we should examine anorexia case by case because every individual has a different lived experience. From my experience, if i was to develop anorexia i would from social-cultural factors. Like i said previously, we are so constantly surrounded with multi-media messages that it is easy to listen to them and to start to believe them. Sometimes the messages leak into our unconscious and we form these ideals about things that we didn’t even know we had a view on. I am confident enough in myself and have a comfortable relationship with my body, where i won’t let these messages determine how i live my life. However, my roommate freshmen year in college had a form of anorexia, she was never diagnosed but it was pretty obvious that she had some issues. Now, as i reflect on what i knew about her history i would say that psychoanalytical factors played a role in why she had an eating disorder. She had just realized that she was gay and started dating this girl, but she kept that information from her parents because she was ashamed and too afraid to tell them what was really going on.

My hopes for the future and for my children are that we somehow try to dispel this body image ideal, so that our children can live in a more accepting society. But we don’t live in a perfect world. More of a reason to enjoy life and to enjoy the many many wonderful food options we have access to while we still can! Especially that box of mac and cheese…