Within my four years of college I have noticed a significant change in my skin. Although I still do not have any wrinkles I am still scared to death of aging. Reading Davis and Stevens articles added a little extra to that anxiety. In Stiff Upper Lip, Stevens explains her obsession with the wrinkles on her upper lip. After visiting a dermatologist and having an unsuccessful acid peel, Stevens finally accepted the wrinkles were meant to be a part of her. Similarly, Davis explains surgical passing, which is an idea that cosmetic surgery helps people to pass as younger. In our society we are expected to look young and beautiful our entire life. If we have anything about our body we are uncomfortable with, we fix it. While reading these articles I thought of the show Bridalplasty which women fight for not only their perfect wedding but for their dream plastic surgery. The women complete a plastic surgery wish list and the winner of that weeks challenge will receive one plastic surgery procedure from her wish list.   The show had appalled me when I first heard about it but I was sucked in and forced to watch it. These young women wanted plastic surgery to pass as sexier for their wedding. As I watched it I always wondered what their significant other thought about this. They obviously already think these women are beautiful so why do they still need plastic surgery? Our society is pushing them in to believing they need to fix things about themselves to look more beautiful.


I see this problem everywhere, my friends all think there is something they would like to change about themselves, my mother complains about the wrinkles on her face, my young cousins at the age of 14 even find flaws about their bodies. Why is it that all women are insecure about something on their body? Even at 21 I still find flaws about myself. I have never thought about having cosmetic surgery but that may change someday as I get older. My mother makes comments about her body/face all the time and wishes she could have a facelift. I always think my mother is crazy for these comments because she is beautiful and I hope to age just as well as her. The one thing that does ease my anxiety about aging is looking at my mother and seeing how beautiful she is. I always wish she would realize this. Not only my mother but any other women with insecurities. We don’t need to have cosmetic surgery to look more beautiful. I wonder how the beauty ideal will change the next few years. Will cosmetic surgery become the norm?