Being raised by an ex-hippie of a mother and a heavy truck parts, army brat of a father, my upbringing was far from the norm in the small town that I grew up in. I was raised to think for myself and had boundaries set along the wayside of the “normal children” in my neighborhood. As long as I played inside of the rules I was in good favor with my parents.

As I grew into part of the person I am today I found that my upbringing was really different from those of the other children, especially the girls, around my town. I was teased about my close relationship with my mother and even closer relationship with my maternal family. I come from a family of very strong willed and often outspoken women, and well…when you plant potatoes you get potatoes.

I feel like the family structure that I come from has strong inputs of “women’s experience”. (Even in my grandparents old house there is a banister in the attic that reads “Ban the Bra!” in bright chalk.) Growing up, the women in my family were the only thing I had to go off of when learning how to function in society. I grew to understand that women needed to become united to get things done. And now I look back and think what has changed? Why has the bedrock of communication and unity fallen apart? Women now use and abuse each other to the point of hatred. Where is the “sisterhood” in that?